AccuformNMC FAQ’S

Q. Why are we combining these two great brands? 
A. We are listening to you! 

You’ve told us to expedite the integration of our brands, and that work starts now. Your Regional Sales Manager will be representing the one and only AccuformNMC brand starting 1/3/2022 to help direct your identification project where it’s best suited. Your Regional Sales Manager will be walking in with one brand starting on 1/3/2022. They will be representing the AccuformNMC brand and will help direct your identification project where it’s best suited for manufacturing. 

Q. So, who do I call or email now? A. Exactly who you called or emailed before. 

Our phone systems will be integrated in early 2022 with both 800 numbers remaining active. Our Customer Care Team (located in RI and FL) maintain close communication and work in regionally focused teams. This means that, if you are calling from Texas, for example, your Customer Care Team features team members located in both Florida and Rhode Island.

Q. Can I still order from Accuform and where should I submit my orders? A. Of course! 

You can continue to submit your orders just as you have previously; through EDI, web (, fax, or by calling 800.237.1001. Full back-end integration (i.e., ERP, etc. will happen later this year). 

Q. Can I still order form National Marker Company?
A. Of course! 

You can continue to submit your orders just as you have previously; through EDI, web (, fax, or by calling 800.453.2727. Full back-end integration (i.e., ERP, etc. will happen later this year). 

Q. What if I have an order that includes both Accuform and NMC SKUS? 

A. Send the order where you traditionally would. Our goal is to make it easy on you. Please note, in some instances, your order may result in two shipments. 

Q. Will my product look different depending on where it ships from? 
A. Short-term, yes. 

Things like OSHA headers and fonts may temporarily look different. Signs, tags, and labels may feature different footers. We are diligently working to align our headers and fonts to match. Rest assured, any safety related products will always meet OSHA and/or ANSI requirements. 

Q. Do Accuform and NMC have different pricing?
A. Short-term, yes. 

Some alignment on pricing has already occurred. Further pricing alignments will be completed by 4/1/2022. 

Q. Are those pricing alignments resulting in a price increase? 
A. No

A great example of this involves alignment of our digital scoreboard and PPE dispenser product lines – two popular product lines at Accuform and NMC respectively. Not only was there a price decrease for NMC on scoreboards and PPE dispensers for Accuform, both lines received significant quality upgrades. Additionally, both product lines can be manufactured in Florida or Rhode Island; increasing flexibility and speed to customer.

Q. When invoiced, where do I send payment? 
A. No changes here. 

Continue to remit payments to the address noted on your invoice. 

Q: What is the role of a Regional Sales Manager, Safety ID, here at AccuformNMC? 
A: Our Regional Sales Management Team, led by Michael DeAngelis, is dedicated to Safety Identification. Your RSM will work in conjunction with our Inside Channel Account Managers (ICAM’s) and Customer Care Team to ensure your specific identification needs are handled efficiently, quickly, and with world-class customer service. This dedicated team of safety identification RSM’s will have an intensive focus on growing this category of your business. 

Q. Is there anything else coming that I should know about now? 
A. Yes, here are a few key things: 

• A NEW catalog (tentatively early Q2); this condensed catalog containing our most essential facility safety identification products will feature SKUS that can be ordered and shipped out of either manufacturing facility. Stay tuned for more information in Q1 of 2022! 

• Aligned email domains will follow in early 2022. You will begin to see email domains ending in All current emails will continue to work.

• Fewer emails from Marketing! Many of you subscribe to both Accuform and National Marker Company emails. Consolidation of our emails began on 1/1/2022.