Custom Safety Products

Accuform Manufacturing, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of facility safety identification products including custom safety signs, tags, labels and more. We have an extensive history in the industry with the ability to produce practically any custom signs a designer can dream up.

Accuform's products are all made in the USA. Our 100% commitment to customer service enables us to help you with every step of the process. With over 46 years of experience creating custom signs, tags and labels, we've got you covered.

You can choose from an extensive library of stock designs or upload your own artwork. AccuformNMC's graphic designers will then create your custom labels, tags, or signs to meet your specifications. Our products are produced with the same proven materials and processes that have made AccuformNMC a leader in safety signs and labels manufacturing.

Custom Safety Signs

Our easy custom sign builder makes it easy to create signs with a large selection of customizable options. No matter what your needs are, we have the materials to make your custom sign with ease. AccuformNMC custom safety signs are made in the U.S.A. using durable materials and fast shipping.

  • No Header Signs
    Create your own custom sign without a header. Customize your sizes, colors, orientation, message, and more. You can have any message you desire. No adherence to specific governmental regulations is required.
  • OSHA and ANSI compliance custom signs 
    Create completely unique safety signs that comply with OSHA and ANSI standards and headers. AccuformNMC helps you create the perfect sign for any situation with our online design tool. The header of each sign includes an image of the applicable OSHA or ANSI standard and the text of each standard itself in a clearly visible, easy-to-read font. Choose from multiple headers, sizes, orientations, and include your own custom message.

If you need any further assistance, or would like your product to be more personalized, please reach out to our Account Management team.

Custom Safety Signs
Custom Safety Products including custom safety tags

Custom Safety Tags

Personalize it!

We can reproduce many of the tags shown on our website or create tags with your specific requirements.

You can personalize your design with  company name,  logo, message and colors that match internal coding systems, and even add additional fields for your specific needs.

Custom SiteTags®

SiteTags® are designed to provide a quick means of personalizing a worker's photo, personal information, and safety message. A combination of a photo, personal information, and safety message can be digitally printed directly onto SiteTags®.

When on the Jobsite, personalized LOTO tags help reinforce safety messages. These tags help floor managers identify who locked out equipment, inspected the elevator, or built the scaffolding etc.

Custom SiteTags®
Custom NFPA Placards

Custom NFPA Placards

Hazardous classification rating numbers are a vital part of an NFPA diamond placard, but can be difficult to find and reproduce. The NFPA diamond placard must be at least 12" x 18" in size and the four hazard classifications must be clearly visible for emergency responders to quickly identify the hazard. Custom design your NFPA diamond placards using our online service and we will print your custom designed placards ready for use.

Custom Floor Safety Signs

Walkways and walkway entrances are a common location for accidents, falls and incidents. Floor signs alert people to dangers such as slippery floors, wet plumbing, low power lines, dangerous gases and chemicals, and more.

Floor signs immediately draw attention and are easy to apply. Each floor sign is made from self-adhesive vinyl that is subsurface printed and over laminated by a protective layer. You can add your message, symbol or logo. 

Custom Floor Safety Signs